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Security, and Prosperity

for voters in
California's 4th Congressional District
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Democracy works best when politicians have competition, and so listen to and work for the people, rather than a party or group. My experience herding some very independent cats (software engineers) into creating new things has taught me that when you make sure you hear all sides and ideas, you can engineer some very good solutions. It is especially important to draw out and hear newbies for ideas that may sound far out at first, marry those ideas with common sense, and then use experts with deep knowledge to flesh out and implement them quickly and well.

Unfortunately, for the sake of ratings, big media likes to divide us into competing groups and set up events as a tribal fight. Tribal, party or group allegiance works against good compromise solutions, as the rewards of "belonging" force a member to commit to group ideology and help the group "win". Sometimes it even forces members to suppress or reject good ideas from the "other" side, or push things to extremes in an effort to "outdo" others.

I believe my experience and circumstances make me the best person to work across parties to fight "group think" in Congress and use the vast knowledge in government bureaucracies for the benefit of all of us in our district.

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